E Cigarettes & Vapours

A huge range of e-cigarette e-liquid vapours in stock at Creases Dry Cleaners, The Parade, Donnington Telford.

E-Cigarette e-liquid vapours

e-cigarettes e-liquids - Crease Dry Cleaners Donnington, Telford

With around 50 of the most popular flavours to choose from, Creases Dry Cleaners stock of e-liquid vapours by Thrive Nature e-juice – with real juice extracts is one of the largest in the area.

Thrive e-liquids are a premium e-liquid popular amongst discerning users and manufactured to high quality standards.

 Thrive e-liquids with real juice – £1.99 each or 10 bottles for £12.00 

With easy parking, Creases Dry Cleaners are at The Parade Shopping Precinct, Wrekin Drive Donnington – just 500 yards from the Garrison roundabout on the A518 near MOD Donnington.